About the Project

This project aims to explore and analyse the transformative role of the Cypriot diaspora in Britain in building peace in Cyprus. This will be done through archival research collection, qualitative interviews and the first large-n survey to be conducted among Cypriots in Britain.  It introduces the first collaborative research programme focusing on the Greek and Turkish Cypriot diaspora and proposes a series of activities to study and encourage its positive engagement and inclusion in the current peace talks. An estimated quarter of the Cyprus population lives as diaspora in Britain. These communities engage in activities, which insinuate their desire to be involved in homeland politics. Yet, so far, there has been little effort to study diaspora perceptions of conflict or to engage their community organizations into the ongoing peace process.

The project will also result in closer collaboration between Turkish, Greek, British and Cypriot researchers, aiming in particular to draw knowledge and training from the Conflict Analysis Research Centre (CARC) at the University of Kent. At the policy level, the project will engage with UN mediators in Cyprus, potential donors, and UK-based investors invited to attend high-level meetings with the diaspora in the United Kingdom.

Project staff is based in the Middle East Technical University and University of Kent.

Project Funder

The project is funded by the British Academy.